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Chapter 2: Misadventures of Youth

Part 4: Picture Day

It’s Picture Day for the school yearbook, but a beardless Gaijin is pacing the hallway for another reason entirely. A school dance is coming up fast, and our hero wants to ask a certain pretty goombette if she’ll go with him...

Hikari is standing nearby as they wait to be called in for their “World Culture Club” picture, trying to ease his friend’s worries.

Hikari: “You’re going to wear a hole in the floor that way.”

Gaijin: “I can’t help it! What do I even say to her? What if she says no!”

Hikari: “You’ll never find out unless you ask her. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Gaijin freezes, clearly in panic as he pictures the whole planet blowing up. Hikari just laughs when Gaijin tells him this.

Hikari, calming down: “It won’t be that bad. You’ll do fine.”

Gaijin: “Riiiiight... And I guess next you’ll say she likes my beard.”

Hikari: “Look, here she comes now.”

Akiterra comes over to them, on her way to class.

Aki: “Hi, Gaijin. Hi, Hikari. What’s up?”

Gaijin is only able to stutter and ramble, until Hikari shoves him aside and ends the poor guy’s misery.

Hikari: “What my socially awkward friend here is trying to ask, is if you’d do him the honor of accompanying him to next week’s dance.”

Aki, blushing: “Oh! Um... sure! I’d be happy to!”

Gaijin lets out the breath he’d been holding, blushing as well and reminding himself to thank Hikari later.

Gaijin: “Gr- Great! So, I’ll pick you up? Say, around 7-ish?””

Aki: “Alright, I’ll see you then.”

Aki turns to leave, then stops, looking closely at Gaijin again.

Aki: “Something’s different about you today. Did you shave your beard?”

Gaijin, trying to act cool about it: “Yeah, I thought I’d try something new for a while.”

Aki, giggling at how silly Gaijin is being: “That’s too bad, I thought it was cute. Well, see you later guys!”

Aki heads off to class, while Hikari snickers at Gaijin. Gaijin gives his friend an “I don’t want to hear a single word out of you” glare. Then they’re called in for their picture (the one Night2Dreams drew of them together… ).
The Day We Became Enemies: Script Ch 2 Part 4
Here you go, another Game Exchange comic script for Nights! :D Yes, I know I'm posting these out of order, but that's only because I write them out of order and I'm posting as I finish them. Hope you enjoy anyway. :)

Comic links:



Official Game Exchange Map for those curious: gaijingoomba-fanclub.deviantar…
AD as splatoon inkling by arkansandragon
AD as splatoon inkling
Well, I decided to jump on the GaijinGoombah Fanclub's cute inkling bandwagon and see what my character AD would look like. XD Looks like her evil cursed ruby is at it again! Also, you can now see the old battle scar she usually keeps hidden under her wing.

Done in GIMP with a mouse. Not as easy as it looks. Time taken: several hours.
Iceball Sushi by arkansandragon
Iceball Sushi
Inspired by BKcrazies0 and Nights2Dreams Game Exchange power-ups. :D

Iceball Sushi- allows user to shoot unlimited iceballs from their mouth when consumed, which freeze enemies solid. Worth 800pts.

I wasn't sure which design looked better, so I just posted all three. Based on BKcrazies0 old fireball sushi design.

UPDATE: Now with a new design and added to the Power-Up shop by

Chapter 2: Misadventures of Youth

Part 2: How Gaijin Met Aki

Gaijin and Hikari are walking home from school, when suddenly, Spike, the missing chain chomp jumps out of the bushes at them!

Hikari, staring up at the chain chomp, and its huge teeth: “Hey, isn’t that- ?”

Gaijin, also staring at it: “Yep.”

Hikari: “So what do we do?”

Gaijin: “Run?”

The two run away screaming as the chain chomp gives chase. They run all over the neighborhood trying to get away from it, but it just keeps finding them!

Hikari: “What happened to all your sword tricks?!”

Gaijin: “My books never mentioned chain chomps!”

Eventually, it corners them. The two goombahs cower, hugging each other as Gaijin tries to cover them both with his wings. Spike lunges at them! Both of them shut their eyes, bracing themselves for the end. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a bo staff cracks the chain chomp across its “nose”, making it rear back and whimper.

bo staff wielder: “No, Spike! Bad boy! Bad Chain Chomp!”

The two goombahs open their eyes, staring in shock at their savior. It’s Akiterra! Spike whimpers, but settles down. Aki turns to Gaijin and Hikari, looking them over.

Aki: “Sorry about that. He’s just playful. You’re not hurt are you?”

The two boys quickly pull apart and answer that, yes, they’re both fine.

Aki smiles: “That’s good. He’s really very friendly once he gets to know you.”

Then she turns back to Spike, cuddling and cooing over the chain chomp.

Aki: “Who’s a good little chain chomp? You are! Yes, you are!”

Spike rattles his chain happily, panting and clearly loving the attention.

Gaijin just stares at Aki, clearly smitten with her.

Hikari takes one look at Gaijin. If goombahs had hands, Hikari would be facepalming in this scene over how “puppy-love” eyed Gaijin is.

Trying to break the awkward silence, Hikari turns back to Aki.

Hikari: “So... Spike is your chain chomp?”

Aki: “Huh? Oh, no, he’s not ours. My family breeds them. Spike here is going over to the Mushroom Kingdom. Thanks for finding him, by the way.”

She hands Hikari a small wallet with the 20 coins in it. Concern crosses her face as she notices Gaijin again.

Aki: “Is he ok?”

Hikari: “Yes, he’s fine. I should probably get him home though.”

Aki, looking unsure: “Ok... Well, thanks again. See you around.”

She pole vaults onto Spike’s head, tapping him with her bo staff to guide him, like mahouts do with their elephants.

As they leave, Hikari turns his attention back to Gaijin.

Hikari: “Alright loverboy. Come on.”

Gaijin, snapping out of his daze: “Do you think I should shave my beard?”

Hikari: “What? Why are you asking me?”

Gaijin: “Just a thought.”

They stagger back onto the main street, now exhausted from the chase.

Gaijin: “Whew... Some day, huh?”

Hikari: “Yeah...”

They both stop and stare at each other for a few seconds. Then they both burst out laughing.

Gaijin, laughing: “Oh man! The look on your face was priceless!”

Hikari, also laughing: “My face?! You should’ve seen your face! And the way that chain chomp kept after us! Can you believe Aki actually breeds those things?”

Gaijin, trying to stop laughing: “I know right?!”

After a few moments, they finally calm down and continue the walk home.

Gaijin: “I really hope nobody saw all that...”

Apparently, somebody had seen them, and video taped it, because the next day at school, it was all anyone was talking about.

Hikari: “Do you think we’ll ever live this down?”

The Day We Became Enemies: Script Ch 2 part 2
Thought I'd go ahead and post this early in honor of Aki's Game Exchange show Pixel Pets. :) This is my interpretation of how our two favorite Goombahs might have met. Hope it's as fun for Nights to draw as it was to write. :) Enjoy! :D

As always, Gaijin and Aki's namesake OCs belong to them, and Hikari belongs to Nights2Dreams. I'm just playing in the sandbox. ;)

Comic links:



Official Game Exchange Map for those curious: gaijingoomba-fanclub.deviantar…

Chapter 1: How They Met

Establishing shot: Goombo school, Chai Kingdom, Sarasaland. Part of the school is above ground, part of it underground. Pipes lead into the underground parts of the school.

Many students are going from class to class. A younger, swordless, Gaijin Goombah is wondering around the underground portion of the school with his bag and a map of the campus, hopelessly lost and looking for his first class. Most students would be in a panic, but this being a new school for him, he was expecting something like this to happen, and so is more confused than panicked.

Gaijin, still studying his map: “I know it’s around here somewhere...”

Turning a corner, our young goombah finds himself facing a broom closet instead of the classroom he’d hoped to find..

Gaijin: “*sigh* This exchange student thing might be harder than I thought.”

He suddenly hears voices further down the tunnel, and goes to investigate, hoping to ask someone for directions. The voices lead him to a crossroads in the tunnels, and he catches sight of a group of students laughing and joking about something, but they’re moving away from him and round the far corner before he can catch up to them. He runs after them but they’re out of sight before he’s even halfway down the tunnel.

Gaijin: “Hey! Wait up! Can anyone tell me where to- ?”

A new sound reaches him, and he stops. It sounds like someone- crying? Curious, Gaijin follows the sound into one of the side tunnels. This one is dimmer than the others, as the lighting needs replacing, and leads to a dead end. The walls are each lined with a row of lockers, and the sound is coming from a dark corner at the back of the room between two rows. Gaijin can just make out the silhouette of another goomba sitting there in the shadows. He moves closer to the figure, slowly so as not to startle them. He steps on something and stops. Looking down, he sees the outline of an open book on the floor. Picking it up and moving back into the better lighting, it’s revealed that the cover reads “World Cultures”. Turning back to look at the shadowy goomba, he can see the goomba’s eyeshine reflecting the light and realizes that the figure has stopped crying, and is looking straight at him. They stare at each other in silence for a few moments. Then -

mysterious goomba: “Come back... to- to gloat some more?” The voice is short of breath, shaky, and hissing as if in pain.

Gaijin raises an eyebrow at this, not sure what to think.

Gaijin: “No... Why would I?”

goomba: “Because I’m a freak...”

As his eyes adjust to the darkness, Gaijin can make out two large lower tusks coming up from the goomba’s lower jaw, and more teeth can be dimly seen, pulled back in a sneer. Goombas have large eyes and live at least partly underground, so it would make sense that they’d have some kind of night vision. So they’d have eyeshine when light hits their eyes, and what Gaijin sees when looking at this goomba would be tinted with another color and not be as focused.

goomba: “Or did you miss the big crowd earlier?”

Gaijin is even more confused now.

Gaijin: “What are you talking about?”

goomba: “As if you didn’t- !”

The goomba suddenly breaks off into a coughing fit.

Gaijin: “Hey! Are you alright?”

Dropping his items, Gaijin moves forward to help, but the goomba flinches away from him, gasping for breath. Surprised by this, and beginning to understand, Gaijin backs off.

Gaijin: “Easy... I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to help.”

Digging through his bag, Gaijin pulls out a red-tinted flashlight (a practical thing to have when part of your life is lived underground. Plus, red light doesn’t disrupt night vision), and shines it on the goomba. He nearly drops the light again in shock. The figure before him is different from the other students not only because of the tusks, but because he’s a fellow goombah! Gaijin hadn’t realized there would be others like him here. But even more shocking is the state the goombah is in. The poor thing is covered in bruises and a black eye and has clearly been the recent victim of a beating. The goombah squints up at him, watching, and waiting. Gaijin slowly sets the flashlight on the floor and steps forward, his shock replaced with concern.

Gaijin: “We should get you to the nurse. Can you stand?”

Now it’s the beaten goombah’s turn to looked confused.

goombah: “Wha- ? Why? Why are you helping me?”

Gaijin: “Because I know what bullies are like too.”

The goombah clearly doesn’t believe him, looking away.

goombah: “Yeah, right. You think just because you wear glasses that you’re worse off? At least you look mostly normal.”

Gaijin smiles knowingly: “Oh, you think so? I’ll do you one better.”

White feathers gently brush the injured goombah’s face. He turns back, stares at them in confusion, then sees what the feathers are attached to. Gaijin has spread his wings for the goombah to see. They come out through slits in the back of his shirt, and are smaller than we’re used to seeing them, as they haven’t reached full size yet.

goombah: “You’re a paragoombah?”

He looks, if possible, even more confused now.

goombah: “But paragoombas aren’t freaks. Not like me... What’s the point of showing me those?”

Gaijin: “I can’t fly. My wings are too small to get me off the ground. So I get picked on a lot.”

He shrugs the small wings.

Gaijin: “The point is, I know what you’re going through.”

Gaijin packs away his flashlight, then gently nudges the hurt goombah to his feet with a wing, helping him with a telekinetic grip as well. The goombah looks uncertain, but allows Gaijin to help him stand.

goombah: “Well... maybe... But there’s still a chance your wings will grow out.”

Gaijin smiles: “See? You’re learning. And you still have a chance to grow into those teeth.”

The goombah chuckles weakly, leaning on Gaijin for support as they start moving.

“You know... I never thought about it that way before... So I could be the biggest goomba in the school someday, huh?”

Gaijin nods, then remembers the book he found. He hands it over.

Gaijin: “I think this is yours.”

goombah, holding the book close: “Thanks...”

They’re both silent for a few moments as Gaijin helps the goombah down the halls, following his map, until they come to a wrong turn and another broom closet.

Gaijin, looking embarrassed: “Uh...”

goombah: “You new here?”

Gaijin: “Is it that obvious?”

The goombah raises an eyebrow.

goombah: “First day?”

Gaijin: “Heh heh... yeah...”

goombah: “You must be that exchange student they said we’d be getting. I’ll help with your map after we find the nurse.”

Gaijin: “Thanks...”

The goombah points the way now as Gaijin helps him along. Soon the nurse’s office is in sight.

Gaijin: “By the way, I don’t think I ever got your name.”

goombah: “It’s Hikari.”

Gaijin stops, spotting them both, confused and a little shocked.

Gaijin: “Uh... Don’t take this the wrong way, but... Isn’t that a girl’s name?”

Hikari bursts into a pain filled laugh, slumping against Gaijin and barely keeping his feet. When he calms down, his face holds the first true smile Gaijin’s seen on him since they met.

Hikari, trying not to laugh again because it hurts too much: “Oh no! You really aren’t from around here are you?! No, no. If I were a girl, my parents would have named me ‘Kari’.”

Gaijin, looking even more embarrassed than before: “Oh. Everyone calls me Gaijin. And, no, I’m not from here. I’m from the Jiyu Kingdom.”

Hikari: “That explains much. Well, Gaijin, welcome to Chai.”
The Day We Became Enemies - Script Ch 1
This is the first script for Nights2Dreams' Game Exchange comic featuring Gaijin Goombah's namesake character and Nights' Fumon character Daku. :) Nights asked if I would go ahead and post this even though Chapter One's comic version isn't finished yet. Hope it helps you get your drive back! This was a fun project to work on and I look forward to eventually continuing it. :)

Comic links:



Official Game Exchange Map for those curious: gaijingoomba-fanclub.deviantar…


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